We have selected some interesting facts that perhaps will inspire you for the next amazing trip and you will get the answer to some questions you did not know the reply to.

Did you know that Everest mountain is still growing? Right now the height of Everest is about 8 850 meters, but every year adds 4 millimeters, which is related to the shifts of tectonic platforms.

The city of Mexico is drowning, 10 cm each year! This is due to being located on fragile surface surrounded with waters. The speed of drowning here is 10 times higher than the one of Venice.

Curious facts about air companies and travel by plane

Air companies earn more then 640 billion dollars per year. According to statistics there are more than 600 air companies in USA only, making profit in the amount of 175 billion per year, which makes 1/4; of the world’s air business income.

Do you travel by plane? Have you noticed that same food can taste differently in the air and on the ground. Does food change so much? The answer is that when the plane is flying higher the taste receptors change. This is why a lot of passengers order the blood marry in the plane. The tomato juice doesn’t seem so sour then. This is why a lot of air companies have salts and various species on board.

No secret that a lot of air companies try to reduce their expenditures for flights. American Airlines for example cut their flight budgets for 40 000 USD taking out just one olive from the salad….

Pilot and pilot’s Assistant must eat different food. Even though it sounds strange there is ground for that –there are two pilots in the plane and if one of them feels unwell after taking food, the other one will be able to substitute him during the flight.

USA is known as the country, where each eighth job is connected with tourism. This fact is predictable, given that there are 600 air companies in USA.

When you look into the sky and see the white line left by plane you can predict the weather for the nearest time. If the line you see is too thick this may be the sign of the coming storm for example. The thickness of the line depends on the humidity of the air.

Some of the psychologists recommend travelling as treatment from depression.

If all of the sudden in the middle of the flight somebody decided to leave the plane and open the door, don’t worry, he will not be able to open the door when the plane is in the air. But even if you put all your efforts and manage to do so you should not be worried that all of the passenger and stuff will fly away like you see in the movies. When the plane is flying the air creates pressure on the doors and that makes it almost impossible to open them. Even if there are several men with extraordinary strength abilities they will not open the doors in the plane.

The most busy airport in the world is the International airport of Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA. 95.5 million passengers are going through this airport every year.

Some interesting facts about countries

Austria is the most socially protected country in terms of rest. The country guarantees minimum of 22 paid leave days to each working person and 13 days of paid holidays per year.

When you are travelling you become more creative. According to the researches people who travel often are able to find creative approaches to solve the task.

The most popular country among the tourists is France.

Canada is known as a place with the biggest number of lakes – almost 3 million of lakes!

India is the country with highest density of population. Currently there are about 1,5 mln people.

The Principality of Monaco is smaller than the territory of the central park of New York.

Almost 50% of the population of Canada has higher education.

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