When traveling to Europe we always want to see the most interesting and beautiful places.

We suggest including any of the most beautiful Lakes in Europe into your travel schedule.


Annecy Lake in France

Annecy Lake is for sure one of the most visited places by tourists.

This is where amazing landscapes of Alps Mountains, crystal clean lakes and charming villages painted in bright warm colors, remind you a fairly tail.

Annecy can be a starting point in your journey to discover more of Savoy region.

Feel the atmosphere of Annecy, be inspired with the beauty of Mount Blanc peak, Evian mountain and the oldest cities of Geneva and Ivoire.

Not far from Annecy, on the territory of two countries – France and Switzerland there is one of the biggest lakes in Europe – Geneva Lake.

It always impresses the travelers with tranquil water surface, beautifully created among the Middle Ages Castles in the very center of snowy Alps.

Romantic Garda Lake in Italy

Some people say this Lake was created by Nature especially for travelers with romantic soul.

Charming mountain villages are surrounding the lake and you can even get lost in the streets walking around.

The shores of Garda Lake are not just hidden among the villages, but also decorated with Alps meadows and houses of local citizens.

Visiting Como Lake

If you are in Italy – Como Lake is a must to do item in your travel plans.

This is the most beautiful Lake in the Northern Italy.

The shores of Como Lake are covered with tiny villages and you will enjoy marvelous serene views.

Como Lake justified its reputation as of the most prestigious resorts.


Beautiful Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The oldest Park in the Southeastern Europe is Plitvice Lakes Nature Reserve.

This is where you can see, sail and walk around the 16 most beautiful lakes.

You will also enjoy the waterfalls among the hills and greenery of the park.

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