Capsule hotels are gaining more and more popularity. Why this happens? They say capsule hotels will keep growing in number and becoming more popular among the tourists. Why are they gaining so much popularity within short period of time? One of the reasons of course is the price. Even business travelers give preference to this […]

Try something new and spend your vacations in one of the most famous underwater hotels! Underwater hotels are getting more and more audience each year, being a new trend in tourism. Fortunately today’s technologies are such that mankind can afford things that years ago were considered a miracle. Spending vacations in underwater hotels is our […]

When traveling to Europe we always want to see the most interesting and beautiful places. We suggest including any of the most beautiful Lakes in Europe into your travel schedule.   Annecy Lake in France Annecy Lake is for sure one of the most visited places by tourists. This is where amazing landscapes of Alps […]

The unusual design of the bridges always attracts a lot of attention of visitors. Such places become famous among the tourists and local citizens. It is interesting to know that the biggest number of bridges in the world is located in the city of Hamburg, to be more exact – 2 300. St Petersburg city in […]

There are about 1000 abandoned cities of the world. They got devastated due to nature disasters, wars and crises. What happened to Centralia city in USA? Centralia city is located in Pennsylvania State. The story of this city was used as a background for shooting Silent Hill movie. The city has been taken out of all […]

We have found some interesting facts about people and countries of the world for you. Did you know that the country with the biggest percentage of people in prisons is USA? In China the number of people in prisons is 870 thousand people. Nauru is the country where most of the population is fat. They say […]

We have selected some interesting facts that perhaps will inspire you for the next amazing trip and you will get the answer to some questions you did not know the reply to. Did you know that Everest mountain is still growing? Right now the height of Everest is about 8 850 meters, but every year […]


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