Aqua park or Water Park is located in the eastern part of Rhodes. This is the biggest entertainment center and it is included into the top ten of most visited water parks of Europe for people of different ages. The Water park offers a lot of entertainments for extreme fans, for kids and adults.

Location of Water Park in Rhodes

Geographically the park is located in the suburbs of Rhodes, 12 km from the city, within the old town of Faliraki. You can get to the Water park by a car or by public transport, by bus for example. Special transfers are arranged from the center of R city to Water Park.

Special features of Water Park in Greece

The Water Park in Greece is a very special place. This is actually a city located on the territory of 100 000 square meters. The park is built in antique Ellines culture in the shape of huge amphitheater.

The structure of the park is such that entertainments for kids are in one part and for those who prefer extreme entertainments in another zone. Swimming pools for children are available for kids in a remote part from the entrance and for adults – closer to the entrance.

What are the entertainments of the Water Park?

Variety of entertainments in Water Park is huge. You can take a “slow River” “for example. The length of it is 230 meters. The river is located on the top.
Two restaurants of fast food and 5 bars are open for the visitors of the park. In the city of Ffliraki you will find plenty of cafes and small restaurants.
Price for entrance to Water Park is 22 EUR for adults and kids from 12 years old. Children up to 12 years old you can get the ticket at 15 EUR and kids who did not reach the age of 3 years old are allowed for free.

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