List of things to do in Strasbourg can be really long. This is the city of charming streets, old town and channels. Strasbourg is the capital of Elzas region in the North East of France, bordering with Germany. Strasbourg is a mixture of Germany and France. You can get even a bit confused while taking a tour in Strasbourg, not being  sure whether you are in France or Germany 🙂

If you are deciding of things to do in Strasbourg be sure that walking tours are the most effective way to discover the city. You will observe architectural masterpieces, and you can stop any time for lunch or dinner in one of amazing restaurants of the city. Interesting fact about Strasbourg is that this is the second city after Paris, getting funds for the development of culture.

Place de la Cathedrale – place number one in your list of things to do in Strasbourg

When planning trip include Place de la Cathedrale into your list of things to do in Strasbourg. Place de la Cathedrale is usually a starting point for travelers visiting Strasbourg. It is located on the highest point of Strasbourg at the height of 144 meters above the sea level.

Cathedral Square (Place de la Cathedrale ) used to be a market place, where a lot of goods and food was for sale. Today this is the most popular tourist destination of Strasbourg.

La Petite France – see the best of Strasbourg

La Petite France – another “must to see spot” in your things to do in Strasbourg plan . This is a special romantic place, where tourists can enjoy the beauty of small town on water.

Things to do in Strasbourg France

Amazing views of Strasbourg city

The center of la Petite France is in Benjamin Zix Square.

Beautiful buildings along the channels of Strasbourg are creating the atmosphere of fairy tail.

Same way like Montmartre, Benjamin Zix square serves as a working place for local artists.

Things to do in Strasbourg France

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Soborna square – popular place in Strasbourg

If you are putting down a list of things to do in Strasbourg, visit Soborna square. It is located on the highest point of Strasbourg, at the height of 144 meters above the sea level. Soborna square used to be a popular market place, where cherries, bread, cakes, old clothes were for sale.

Today Soborna square is also a popular tourist destination, with maison Kammerzeil – one of the most beautiful buildings of Strasbourg.

The Kammerzeil  building has 75 windows, decorated with carved frames. Each frame tells a story from the Bible, about mythical heroes from legends, depicts signs of Zodiac, 5 senses and famous musicians.

Interesting places of Strasbourg – Maison Kammerzeil

Interesting fact about maison Kammerzeil is that the three female figures are carved on its corner. They are the embodiment of the Christian virtue. Love is depicted with her two children and a pelican.

On the third and fourth floor there is Hope with Phoenix bird and Faith with Griffin bird.

In XVI century Martin Braun, a cheese seller, bought maison Kammerzeil and in 1589 finished its reconstruction. According to his order only the first floor with three decorative arches were left from the initial design.

The other floors were entirely rebuilt in Renaissance style, which is preserved till our days. The Kammerzeil building was known as Alter House till the middle of the XIXth century, and then was bought by the Grocery owner from Vurzburg, Phillip-Fransua Kammerzeil.

As you have already realized he gave his name to the building. Beautiful fresco of Leo Shnut (1878-1933) are decorating the interior of maison Kammerzeil. In 1879 the building was transferred into the ownership of Strasbourg and received the status of the monument of architecture.

Former Pharmacie du Cerf, the first mentioning of which relates to XIII century, is located next to the Cathedral. The first floor of Pharmacie du Cerf is of stones arches. They are beautifully decorated with tree braches and snakes. The upper floors relate to 1567.

Historical places to see in Strasbourg – Cathedral de Notre Dame

Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre Dame is always in the list of things to do of the tourists.

The height of Strasbourg Cathedral is 124 meters. It was built on the base of ancient Rome Basil, erected in 1015 by Bishop Wernger von Habsbourgs. The basil was destroyed by fire and a new cathedral was founded on its place.

Interesting fact is that it took almost 400 years to finish construction of Strasbourg Cathedral – from the moment of its foundation in 1176 till final works in 1439.

Till XIX century Strasbourg Notre dame remained the highest temple of Christian world, until bell towers in Köln and Ulme were built.

Approximately in 1225 the construction works changed the way it was built by the masters from Chartres. Local builders learnt the mystery of magnificent Gothic art from the master, whose name remained unknown.

The Strasbourg Cathedral is open daily from 7am till 11:40am and from 12:40 till 19:00.

There is a viewing platform in the cathedral, which can be reached by foot only. The stairs count 332 steps.

Strasbourg is also world known for the Council of Europe, European Court on Human Rights and EU Parliament headquarters.

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