St Nickolas Russian orthodox cathedral in Nice is one of the most famous historical places in Nice, and in French Riviera.

Erection of one of the biggest Christian Cathedrals outside Russia was finished in 1912.

It was built in marble part of the chapel.

St Nickolas Russian orthodox cathedral is devoted to the memory of Prince Nikolas who died young.

The story of building of the Cathedral is rather sad.

St Nickolas Russian orthodox cathedral

St Nickolas Russian orthodox cathedral

The inheritor of Russian Throne, the son of Alexander II died in 1865 at the age of 22 years from illness.

They built a chapel in Nice and put an icon at the entrance in the place, where Nicholas spent his last days. This icon remained with prince during his last minutes of life. The icon is in the chapel now.

A lot of people financially supported the idea of building St Nickolas cathedral.

The church was built of bricks brought from Germany, and decorated with rosy granite and blue ceramic tiles.

Six crosses of the St Nickolas Russian orthodox cathedral were produced in Tuscany and are now established on the cupolas.

Mosaics and fresco of the cathedral were prepared by talented Russian and Italian masters.

Some of the ancient icons were presented by patrons and visitors.

Cathedral was built based on the Project of Preobrazhenskyi Architect, between 1093 and 1912 in the park of Bermon villa.

The park was the former property of Romanov Tsar family, members of which used to come to Nice for winter seasons.

In 1912 cathedral was baptized in the presence of current Emperor.

St Nickolas cathedral was given for rent after the revolution to Russian community in Nice for 99 years.

For all this time it was under the jurisdiction of Konstantinopolsky Patriarchy.

Cathedral is open for visitors, except for the days of religious holidays and service.

In 2010 it was decided to transfer ownership rights of the Church to Russia.

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