Travel to St Tropez in the Southern part of France to see the best places of French Riviera. This famous place is perfect spot visited by artists and sailors.

St Tropez is small port city, which became popular due to the cinematography of the 20th century.

travel to St Tropez

From the history of St Tropez

Till the end of the XIXth century Saint Tropes used to be a small village of fishermen and wine producers. It acquired the name thanks to St Tropez, who was killed during Neron times for following Christianity. His boat  was found at the beach, and he was buried in a Chapel, erected in his honor.

In 1637 Fleet of only 4 boats of St Tropez defeated Spanish Fleet, which consisted of 20 boats. This historical event is commemorated by a procession passing by in the streets of Saint Tropez every year on the 15th of July.

St Tropez is also well known thanks to the world known artist, Paul Signac, who started living here in 1892. It is due to him that the city bcame more popular and turned into art center, visited by Matisse, Bonnar and others.

In 1956 Saint Tropez entered into another period of glory due to the world known masterpiece with participation of Bridgette Bardot – And God Created Woman

This was not the first movie with participation of Bridgette Bardot, but the film became a starting point for her publicity and tremendous popularity.

travel to St Tropez

Nowadays St Tropez is considered to be a luxury spot of French Riviera. This is favorite vacation destination of lots of celebrities. Some of them also have built villas in this amazing part of France.

Terrific sand beaches, night clubs, bars, restaurants, great services in the hotels – are the features that attract thousands of new tourists.

You can walk among the tiny old streets of the city or the woods, surrounding it. Travel to St Tropez and any place here will be special.

In summer season the city is overcrowded, that’s why if you have an opportunity and prefer calm holidays, plan travel to Saint Tropez during low season.

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Plenty of cafes and bars are located along the shore.

Best way to travel to St Tropez

Most of tourists planning to visit Saint Tropez fly to Nice or Marseille airports. Then hire a car or take a train.

In summer, especially July and August traffic in Cote-d’Azur becomes more tensed and may be the reason to spoil your vacations. The road which usually takes 1 hour driving in summer season may turn into 2-3 hours of slow traffic in French Riviera.

That’s why if you intend to travel to St Tropez and want to avoid roads – take a boat. This is the best option – to go from Nice to St Tropez if you are a tourist. Boats are running from May till the end of September. Exact schedule for departs and arrivals can be checked at the port of Nice, where the you can also buy the tickets. Boat trip from Nice to St Tropez will take about 2,5 hours one way.

Traveling to Saint Tropez by boat will you a lot of time and you will have an opportunity to enjoy the coast during your trip.

Also you can go to St Tropez by train, arriving to St Rafael and then catching the express boat.

Two way ticket will cost about 15 EUR.

Don’t get surprised if you come across celebrities in St Tropez during your stay ;).

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