Saint André les Alpes is located within 100 km from Nice, in the South of France, in Pyrénées-Orientales. According to the data as of 2007 there are 2717 citizens living there.

This is a great location for tourists who like paragliding and for nature fans. The flat area near St Andre is surrounded by mountains. There is also a lake nearby, which creates a special calm and relaxing atmosphere.

People are coming to Saint-Andre-les-Alpes also for paragliding and hang gliding. The highest spot here is 1700 meters to the west. The valleys is surrounded with beautiful mountains and surely those who fly will see marvelous pictures. The landing spot for paragliding is in a walking distance from the city near the lake. If you are not prepared and would like to start paragliding, there are lessons arranged to help you get started.

St Andre is great for hiking to explore places around. Several trails are marked for the tourists going to the mountains.

Saint André les Alpes is a very tranquil place, far from noisy overcrowded locations.

There is tourist office in the village to provide travelers with most updated information.

Nice cozy cafes are open in St Andre to welcome guests coming to the village. If you  are just making a stop here you will surely enjoy this peaceful nature paradise and will consider coming here or a long stay.

You can to Saint Andre by train, departing Nice.

Also there are several bus routes between Nice and Gap to travel to St Andre.

Excursions to Allos, Verdon, and Valensole can be done from the village.

Best time to go – from April to October.

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