Negresco hotel is one of the latest biggest palaces of Nice in French Riviera. Hotel Negresco was built in 1912, according to the project of Edouard-Jean Niermans Architect.

From the history of famous hotel Negresco in Nice

The hotel was founded by Henry Negresco, who was born in 1868. Henry Negresco was dreaming of creating a hotel from his young years. He travelled a lot around the world, visiting famous hotels and dreaming of the Palace in his own.

His idea was to create a palace in Cote d’Azur, where clients would be offered luxury services. In order to implement his plans he invited world famous architect Edouard Niermans. The hotel was open in 1913 with triumph.

By that moment the future owner of the hotel was already well known in Nice. He gained popularity during his assignment at the post of Director in famous restaurant in Nice casino.

Negresco wanted to build not just a hotel but a real Palace. The day of opening of the hotel was really an important event in Cote d’Azur. A lot of celebrities arrived to French Riviera to participate in the opening of the hotel.

Negresco hotel in Nice was profitable from the very first days of its existence.

The first year income was 800 000 francs in gold.

After the death of Negresco the hotel belonged to a Belgium company and starting from 1957 the Palace starts getting more famous and popular under the management of Mr and Madam Augier.

For years they worked for the image of Negresco and reopened through the art heritage: art pieces, antique furniture and valuable items.

After the death of Mr Augier his wife continues the work her husband started, and more and more art pieces were brought to the hotel.

What kind of rooms travelers can stay in Negresco hotel?

In total there are 145 rooms in Negresco hotel. Different types of the rooms are offered for the guests – with sea views, garden view, President suite.

Every room in Negresco hotel is different but all of them are bearing the atmosphere of the past. The rooms are decorated in the styles of most important epochs of French history and art – Pompadour, Luis XVI, Napoleon III.

The rooms are decorated with paintings, sculptures, old furniture of those epochs in which a room is furnished. Every luxury room has the name of its own. There is no similar room in the hotel of Negresco. There are 9 conference halls, 2 restaurants, 121 rooms and 24 suits in the hotel.

During high season standard room costs 350 – 450 EUR.

Popularity and style of hotel Negresco

Negresco hotel is the place where the world celebrities used to stay: Coco Chanel, Françoise Sagan, Marlen Dietrich, Ernst Hemingway.

In 1974 Negresco hotel was announced a historical monument and Travel Editors of America listed it as one of the top 10 hotels of the world.

The hotel follows the traditions of the aristocratic style of life and is located at Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

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