Did you ever have a chance to see the exhibition of most expensive yachts and boats, huge cruise ships in one place? If not, then you should be visiting Monte Carlo Harbor.


Numerous yachts are docked here and can be seen both from the upper level of the Harbor or you can access the yachts area and walk among the most expensive boats.


Monte Carlo Harbor

Each yacht has a name and date when it was built. Some of the yachts cost about $600 million!

There is no restriction in this area and you can easily walk around.


Only during special events this area is closed, like annual Grand Prix Monaco, organized in May for example.

To see most of the luxury boats and yachts plan a trip to Monte Carlo in autumn.


At the end of September – beginning of October the annual Boats Show is organized in Monte Carlo and it is really worth seeing, especially if you are yachts’ fan.


This is not a huge piece of territory and half a day or couple of hours tour should be sufficient enough to see main attractions.


There are number of cozy cafes, bars and restaurants with quite affordable prices to please any taste of visitors and relax after the excursion.


In Monte Carlo Harbor there is a shuttle boat, which you can take for 2 Euros to get from one part to another.


Monte Carlo Harbor is superb place for a stroll, take photos and enjoy the views. Consider going to shopping area in Monte Carlo to visit boutiques of the most popular brands. Main the tourist spots are in a walking distance, but bus routes are available everywhere.


You can travel to Monte Carlo from Nice by car or by bus or by train. Roads have a bit heavy traffic during work hours, so if you prefer to save time it would be more sufficient to take a train and avoid traffic jams.

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