Monaco sightseeing – main attraction in the old town of Monaco: Prince’s Palace, tourists with kids will have great time visiting Oceanographic Museum of Jacques Yves Cousteau or the Exotic Gardens.

La Principauté de Monaco is located in the South Western part of Europe at the seacoast of the Mediterranean sea and is surrounded by the territory of France.

Monaco is a constitutional monarchy ruled by Prince Albert II. There are only 35 444 citizens in Monaco, who live on the territory of 1,95 km2.

In total Monaco counts 3 districts, which were merged: Old city of Monaco, Monte-Carlo (casino district) and La Condamine – the territory near the port.

French is the official language here. 

Why visiting Monaco is great idea

After Vatican Monaco is the second smallest state in the world. Despite this fact this is an amazing place of luxury and special atmosphere.

Grand Prix car racing for high-speed fans

It is world known for car races arranged every year in spring here. Grand Prix racing is one of the most prestigious in the world. Best tickets for Grand Prix are usually sold quickly and much in advance. Prices vary, depending on place, view and day of the week.

The roads of Monaco are narrow with sharp corners, which makes this track one of the hardest in the world. The races are arranged in Monaco since 1929.


Grand Prix racing in Monaco

Places to visit during Monaco sightseeing tours


Some tourists are coming to Monaco to see and to try to get rich within a day. Monte Carlo Casino is a visiting card in Monaco sightseeing tours. This is one of the main attractions, open for tourists.

Most of the guides to Monaco have a photo of Monte Carlo Casino on the first pages.

Monaco sightseeing

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino is world known not only due to its long history records but also because this is a popular spot for lots of movies, that have been recorded here.

Monte Carlo Casino was built in 1910, but still has not lost its charm and beauty and remains same attractive for lots of gamblers as it was a hundred years ago.

If you have several extra pounds ready to spend in Casino you should take care of your dress code, since this is a requirement of the Casino. Also to enter casino you must be 18 years old and have ID with you to prove your age.

Entrance fee to Casino is 10 euro and even if you would not want to play you can simply buy the entrance ticket and take a self guided excursion inside the casino.

Monaco sightseeing best spots: Monte Carlo Harbor

In Monte Carlo Harbor tourists will enjoy luxury yachts and boats, docked in the port. There are several restaurants and cafes for relaxing break to enjoy the sea view. The port of Mote Carlo can accomodate up to 500 vessels. Entrance to the port is free.

Monaco Ville – La Rocher old town of Monaco

The history of Monaco Ville starts in 6th century BC. The founders of Monaco are the family of Grimaldis, who turned the fortress into their main location. The old town of Monaco is built on rocks, viewing Mediterranean Sea. Almost all of the streets of Monaco are for pedestrians. Note that only local citizens can enter the territory of Monaco by car. Tourists buses usually stop nearby.

The Prince’s Palace in Monaco

The Prince’s Palace is the official residence of Grimaldi family. Tourists can visit the Palace from June to October.

Famous change of the guards ceremony takes place daily at 11:55am. If you want to see it better – plan to come 15-20 minutes earlier since there are always a lot of people waiting for this happening.

Places for staying near Monaco

Staying for holidays in Monaco might be a bit expensive for tourists. Best locations that are convenient to get to Monaco from are Nice and Menton. There is regular bus route Nice – Monaco, departing every half an hour from the bus stop near Nice port. Whole trip from Nice to Monaco will take about 1 hour, given this is not a high season, when traffic may be a bit harder.

Alternatively it is possible to travel to Monaco from Nice by train. This is more time saving option and you will not depend on traffic.

Monaco on the map:

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