Mercantour National Park is one of the ten National Parks of France. This is a relatively young park, established in 1979. Mercantour National Park is the only one, the territory of which is crossing the Italian boarder.

The territory of the park equals 685 square kilometers. The closest resort to Mercantour Park in Nice.

It is interesting to know that total length of the routes in the park is 600km. There are 465 peaks, the height of which is more than 200 meters and 6 mountains with the height more than 3000 meters.

The highest peak is Cime du Gelas mountain with the height of 3143 meters above the sea level. The territory of the park is ecologically clear zone and it is well taken care of. Animals living in the park can easily migrate to the other parts of the park.

The National Park counts about 600 marked routes for hikers.

At the entrance to the park you can check the map with routes and select the one that fits you best. All the routes are marked, so it should rather easy to find your way even without assistance of a guide.

You can choose easier route if you prefer to have a short walk for hew hours in the mountains. This is a Paradise for hikers and those who just love active style of life and enjoy trips to the mountains.

When making a trip in the mountains especially reaching the peaks of Mercantour you will view awesome landscapes.Mercantour National Park France photo

The administration of Mercantour Park is taking care of the tourists and offer range of services including personal guides who speak other languages then French, and who can help interpreting during the trip.

Visitors of the park will learn about the history and life of the inhabitants of this amazing nature reserve.

Mercantour National park is a unique place in France. More than 2000 types of various plants grow here. During visit to the reserve you will see old large forests, where some trees are more then 1 300 years old.

There are more than 200 types of rare plants here that are under the protection of the government of France. Among these are orchids, violets, tulips, edelweiss. Trees like oaks, larch trees, cedar, Swiss pines and olive trees grow on the territory of the reserve.

The park is very popular for visiting with family, for short weekend breaks, mountaineering and extreme sports.

The special feature of the park is that the family of Alennins wolves live here, closer to Saint-Martin-Vesubie village.

Mercantour Nature Reserve an amazing place, where you can walk among the woods, meeting goats, hares and other animals in their natural environment.

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