Menton is the first city in French Riviera tourists see when travelling from Italy.

The city is protected with Alps from the North from Europe and it creates the special subtropical climate.

Menton city in French Riviera

Views of Menton city in French Riviera

Menton is a world known seaside resort, the city of mimosas and hot sun.

The main attraction of the city are beautiful gardens, lemon and orange fields, and also palms and rare tropical plants.

On the East Menton borders with Monaco, between them there is a small city of Rock Bruyn-Cap-Martin. One can take a bus to get to Monaco from Menton.

Whole trip will take round half an hour. If you will be traveling by car it will take about 15 minutes.

The population of Mention city is about 30 000 citizens.

Menton photo gallery

Beaches of Menton

This climate is ideal for the citrus plants, which is a distinctive feature of Menton.

Tangerines and lemons grow all year round and give harvest several times a year. A beautiful festival, with lots of music and entertainment events is arranged in Menton every year.

The lemon festival in Menton city French Riviera is a holiday that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors. The festival is organized at the end of February – beginning of March and continues four weeks.

Due to favorable weather conditions the 3 harvests of lemons are being collected during the year.

Menton photo French Riviera

Image of Menton

The biggest harvest is usually in March – April. The idea of arranging the festival was to get prepared for the most reach harvest in Menton.

Just imagine, they collect about 130 tones of lemons for the festival to be used for decorations.

Castles and huge trees are built out of lemons, oranges and grapefruits.

Along the seaside parades of golden fruits are passing by.

During the Lemon festival everyone is offered to try new sorts of lemons, drinks and sweets, prepared of local lemons.

From 200 to 230 thousand tourists visit this marvelous show each year.

Carnival in Nice, French Riviera

Tourists can take a mini excursion train to see Menton more closely. It will take you to the historical part of the city.

The excursions are arranged from February till the end of October, and working hours are from 10:00 till 12:00 and 14:00 – 18:00. The whole period of the excursion is half an hour.

Trains depart every 35 minutes, as soon as they have enough tourists on board. Price for tickets is 7 euro for adults and 3 Euros for the kids up to 9 years old.

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