La Place Massena Nice city main attraction was built in 1840s. It is located in the very center of Nice, and is considered to be the main Nice crossroad.

This is an interesting place, where you can take a walking tour to from Promenade des Anglais for example.

On the north side of La Place Massena (or Massen square) buildings are painted in red Pompeian colors, reminding Genoa.

Plan a little trip here at least to see a marvelous view over the hills opening from Massena square.

La Place Massena Nice city center is popular not only among the tourists coming to discover French Riviera attractions, but also among the local citizens. This is also a place where public events are organized.

The square turns into a huge stadium for hundreds of people to watch the performances of Annual Carnival of Nice. These are held every year in February – March. If you have a chance to visit Nice during this period of time don’t miss the opportunity to watch Battle of Flowers and night performances. 

La Massen Place of Nice was renovated in 2007, which made this place more cozy.

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