Tiny village in the Alpes Maritimes department of France, la Brigue is attracting visitors all year round.

It is beautifully located in the mountain area, framed with greenery of woods and gardens. Amazing Road de Merveilles takes tourists to La Brigue, to discover the charm of the old village.

Brigue Provence Alpes Maritimes

Chains of mountains are surrounding the village, creating a special atmosphere of peaceful rural life which is not interrupted with any modern interference. Only over the weekends or holidays season La Brigue is more crowded with visitors, coming here to enjoy the beauty of Provence.

Brigue village France

The village initially belonged to Italy. But after the World War II in 1947 La Brigue was handed over to France within the agreement of Peace of Paris. Nowadays it possesses the charm of Italy and France, which makes it so special in many ways.

Church in la Brigue

You can walk in the old streets of the village, see the Church, visit local restaurants or enjoy local market to buy something for your memories of the trip to la Brigue.

La Brigue Road des Marveilles

If you are planning vacations to the South East of France consider visiting this little paradise, La Brigue. No doubt you will be delighted with this marvelous place.

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