Paris authorities decided to build bullet proof glass shield around Eiffel Tower to protect it in case of terrorist attack.

The height of the Eiffel Tower wall will be 2.5 meters. The estimated budget for erecting such a shield is EUR 20 mln. The City Hall of Paris announced that the works will start this autumn in the northern and southern parts. The walls that were built for EURO 2016 football tournament will be replaced with a fence.

The Mayer of Paris stated that construction works performed to create Eiffel Tower wall are in agreement with the National Association of Architects. This cooperation should help to preserve the territory surrounding Eiffel tower the way it looks now.

Eiffel Tower remains one of the most visited sites in the world and it is important to take every possible measure to protect people and the sight.

At the same time local authorities announced that within the frames of anti terrorist caution measures the order for tourists visiting territory around Eiffel Tower is going to be changed.

Access to Eiffel Tower for tourists will be to the foot floor free of charge after they pass security check.

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