Visiting Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes is fun and entertaining. It attracts tourists to enjoy magnetic seaview all year round.

Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes is the street of expensive boutiques, amazing architecture samples and stunning seascape.

For tourists who prefer to avoid crowds best timing to enjoy la Croisette would be in the very morning when real shoppers did not wake up yet.

On the other hand La Croisette is a place to see other people, adore the sea and end your journey in a nice quite restaurant on the beach. Swimmers will have fun at Croisette beach and relax in a café or restaurant right here.

Palais des festivals in Cannes, French Riviera

The Palais des Festivals hosts the biggest cinema festival every year.

Cannes accepts various events throughout a year and most of them are held in the Palais de Festivals.


The building of Palais de Festival in Cannes was built purposely for holding festivals.

In 1951 it was decided that the cinema festival will be organized every year in Cannes in May.

Cannes Cinema Festival is event number 1 in the cultural life of the whole world.

This event is covered widely in the news and all the actors are looking forward to appearing in the red carpet of Palace of Festivals in Cannes.

Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes – main point to start a tour

Cannes marina is open for yachts and big ships and you can see them from the Promenade.

During high season in spring and summer months tourists are offered plenty of different menus in the restaurants and indeed can try ice cream in kiosks located near Croisette beach in Cannes.


There are plenty of benches across Boulevard de la Croisette where you can make a stop and enjoy stunning Mediterranean seascape.


During nighttime Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes becomes even more romantic. Decorated with lights of different colors la Croisette turns into a place with a different festive atmosphere.

Artists come to la Croisette to exhibit their works.

Plenty of people with kids, families, walking pets are coming here for a walk every day.

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