Traveling to the South of France is an amazing opportunity to discover plenty of places within short period of time. Most of famous cities are located along the coastline and if you properly plan your trips you will enjoy visiting all of them. Plenty of tourists are arriving to Nice and then making trips to […]

Paris authorities decided to build bullet proof glass shield around Eiffel Tower to protect it in case of terrorist attack. The height of the Eiffel Tower wall will be 2.5 meters. The estimated budget for erecting such a shield is EUR 20 mln. The City Hall of Paris announced that the works will start this […]

Amazing tiny Bairols village is located in the South Eastern part of Alpes-Maritines department of France. The village is beautifully set on the top on the mountains chain. The population counts just about 100 citizens living there. The village is located not from Nice – 34 km. How to get to Bairols village You can easily get to Bairols by […]

Visiting Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes is fun and entertaining. It attracts tourists to enjoy magnetic seaview all year round. Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes is the street of expensive boutiques, amazing architecture samples and stunning seascape. For tourists who prefer to avoid crowds best timing to enjoy la Croisette would be in […]

Did you ever have a chance to see the exhibition of most expensive yachts and boats, huge cruise ships in one place? If not, then you should be visiting Monte Carlo Harbor.   Numerous yachts are docked here and can be seen both from the upper level of the Harbor or you can access the […]

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin France, borders with Menton on one side and Monaco on the other. Roquebrune-Cap-Martin consists of two villages – Roquebrune Village on rocks and Roquebrune Cap Martin, which has the status of luxury resort. Yachting, fitness, swimming, tennis and other kinds of sport are available and very popular in this region. Main historical tourist spots […]

Peille village name is of Latin origin, meaning a ball. During couple of hundred years the name of the village was changed several times. In 1029 it was called St. Pons, in the beginning of the 12th century – Peila and starting from 1136 it was recorded as Pell in the official registry of Nice. […]

Negresco hotel is one of the latest biggest palaces of Nice in French Riviera. Hotel Negresco was built in 1912, according to the project of Edouard-Jean Niermans Architect. From the history of famous hotel Negresco in Nice The hotel was founded by Henry Negresco, who was born in 1868. Henry Negresco was dreaming of creating […]

When choosing Bordeaux wines you need to know some basic useful information about division of wines into groups: 4 red wines: Bordeaux and Bordeaux superior Red Cotes de Bordeaux Red Libourne or “Right Bank” wines Red Graves and Medoc or “Left Bank” wines   2 white wines: Dry white wines Sweet white wines, which are subdivided into 57 […]

Menton is the first city in French Riviera tourists see when travelling from Italy. The city is protected with Alps from the North from Europe and it creates the special subtropical climate. Menton is a world known seaside resort, the city of mimosas and hot sun. The main attraction of the city are beautiful gardens, lemon […]