Egypt traditions and culture are a mixture of religions impacted by the flow of time over thousands of years. The whole way of living of people in Egypt depends on religion dogmas.

If a person does not believe in God this is considered a sin and a crime.

Three religions are officially acknowledged by Koran: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. More then 90% of Egyptians are Muslims. Sheriyat is the main Set of Laws, which prescribes all the aspects of spiritual and everyday life till the last day of person.

Egyptians prefer to live in calm environment without any rush, trying to reach harmony between themselves and the surrounding world.

Muslims follow traditions strictly, especially religious holidays and prays. This is when the work process stops.

A lot of Egypt traditions prescribe special behavior to women. Women are to wear a scarf – hijab. Unmarried woman should not talk to men, travel along and enter the house of a man. In transport, temples and even in a queue women are separately from men.

Marriage traditions in Egypt

Marriage in Egypt is the agreement between two families, concluded sometimes before the bride and groom are born. Young women get married at the age of 13 -14 years old.

According to Koran a man can have up to 4 wives given all the wives agree. Then a man must provide equal conditions to all the wives and separate accommodation.

According to traditions of Egypt women can get married only to Muslim, while men can get married to Christian woman or of Judaism religion.

The process of divorce in Egypt is rather simple – it is enough to announce three times in public that a man is willing to divorce. A divorced woman loses all the privileges and turns out in complicated circumstances.

Birth is huge holiday, especially if this is a boy. Till 9 years old boys live with mother and after that even in case of divorce stay with their father.

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