Most popular excursions from Sharm el-Sheikh are to Jordan and Israel. If you are visiting Egypt already being so close to Jerusalem and the entire saint artifacts should be a good reason to expand your travel.

The road is no complicated and the tourists can go to Jerusalem by bus.

One way trip is 550 km and the whole way will take about 7 hours.

The bus usually makes several stops on way that is why the trip is not so tiresome.

During trip to Jerusalem travelers cross the boarder.

The cost of the excursion will depend on the length of the route. If you are taking excursion from Sharm el-Sheikh for one day without staying overnight in Jerusalem, prices start from $70 per person.

Trips for two days will cost from $200 per person. Travel agencies do not provide discounts for kids.

One of the most exciting excursions from Egypt is visiting Petra, antique city on the territory of Jordan.

The length of the excursion will be approximately same as to Jerusalem. Price per person starts from $200.

You can also plan a trip to Luxor and Cairo. It is only about 500 km from the boarder to Egyptian city of Sharm.

The length of the trip is about 6 hours. The program of the trip includes visits to mosques, pyramids of Giza, Cairo Museum.

Price of such excursion by bus is around $60 -80. If traveling by plane – 180 dollars.

 Trips from Sharm el-Sheikh to Luxor and near by places

The valley of Kings is an amazing place to visit.

Unfortunately trips by buses are not available there. Instead travelers can take plane to get to the Valley.

The flight will last for about 45 minutes at the cost of $200.

The sightseeing visit will take about 6 hours.

Excursions near Sharm el-Sheikh

There are plenty of options offered by Egypt travel agencies to tourists who are not willing to travel far.

Abu Galum Reserve is one of them. The trip can be organized by jeep and on motor bikes. This can a real adventure since part of the road trip will be covered on a camel.

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