Travel to Egypt to discover one of the most mysterious places of the planet. Did you dream of visiting Pyramids, travel to Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, spend vacations at the Red Sea? Then this is the very moment to plan a trip to Egypt.

The official name of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It covers the territory of 1 001 450 km2. Most of the population of Egypt live in the narrow part of Nile river and partially at the Red sea, Sinai and Suetz channel.

Population of Egypt is about 87 mln people. Official state language is Arabian.

Cairo city is the capital of Egypt.

Vast majority of the territory of Egypt is desert. When planning travel to Egypt note peculiarities of local climate. During summer season the weather is quite hot, without rains. Winters are mild and warm, and tourist season is open whole year round.

State currency is Egyptian pound.

Egypt is the biggest country of the Arabian world, one of the centers of political and cultural life, tourist Mecca of the world.

Geographical location of Egypt

Egypt location is very favorable – between the three continents – Africa, Asia, Europe and two biggest civilizations – Christian and Islamic.

Egypt state stretches at the North-East of Africa and in Asia, the Sinai island. It borders with Israel in the East, with Sudan in the South and with Livia in the West.

Egypt is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the North and by the Red Sea in the East.

More then 98% of the population of the country are Arabs.

Most important cities of Egypt, like Cairo and Alexandria with the population of 16 mln and 3,5 mln accordingly, acquired satellite cities and are in the list of the biggest cities in the world.

The area near the cities is nowadays very important, since growing national industry is concentrated here.

These territories often border with the agricultural lands and woods of palm trees.

Travel to Egypt capital  – Cairo city

Cairo is a business center of the country, with its dynamic rhythm. Individual transport is the main means in Cairo city.

During recent years a lot of investments have been made into the development and building of 2 stores and 3 stores roads, and highways.

This resulted in significant improvements of transport system operation.

Egypt is magnificent and different in all parts of the country. Picturesque banks of Nile river, modern and old style buildings, villas and ancient castles surrounded with palms create magnificent landscapes.

Amazing view will open in front of eyes from the biggest port when you travel to Egypt in Alexandria.

The Red Sea coast has changed its look significantly over the last years due to the development of tourist business.

New modern resorts with comfortable recreation zones, modern communication systems and international airports were built in Egypt.

Cities of Egypt offer variety of choices of restaurants and cafés, where Eastern cuisine can be tasted. In the cities where the population is too high there is a lack of agricultural lands as well as lands for new construction purposes.

Till present time old buildings are occupying huge territory of the country.

Even in Cairo city there are districts of old ancient constructions which don’t have any modern sewer systems or any other simple life needs tools.

This is the territory were poor people live. Almost half of the population of Egypt leads more then decent level of life.

Egypt is the cradle of the mankind, most famous thanks to its amazing monuments of the ancient Egyptian civilization, a lot of which are more then 5 thousands years.

Greater part of these is presented in museums and architecture of ancient cities, starting from Cairo and Alexandria in the North to relatively small with the population of several hundreds or thousands, like Luxor and Asuan in the South of the country.

A lot of cities in Egypt look like open air museums – ancient architectural samples, old elegant mosques built during different epochs.

Various museums and sculptures, the age of which sometimes reaches thousands of years.

Last years have brought a lot of changes into the traditional view of Egypt as a country.

Growth of modern industrial enterprises, increase of population in the places of old cities and constructions led to the erection of new ultra modern districts, luxury spots, in tropical modern style, villas, and cottages surrounded with beautiful parks and flowerbeds.

Shopping malls and hotels, representative offices of the international banks and companies emerged all over the country.

travel to Egypt tourist information

In bigger cities, with more then several hundred thousands the University centers and other educational institutions were organized.

International tourism is one of major sources of foreign currency income to the country.

This is a rapidly growing field in Egypt. Thanks to favorable climate conditions, about 300 sunny days a year travel to Egypt attracts numerous tourists.

Unique underwater scenery, world known historical monuments, warm waters of the Mediterranean and Red seas, clean ecological zones, variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, special East cuisine create all conditions for the successful development of Egypt tourism.

What do you know about Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Huge collection of Pharaonic period antique artifacts is represented in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In 1891 this famous collection was moved to Giza, to the Palace of Ismail Pasha.

Later, in 1902 it was transferred to the Tahnir Square, where it is at present days. The Egyptian Museum counts 107 halls, with the exhibitions dating back to the prehistoric and Roman times.

Most of the exhibits are from Pharaonic period of time. Collection of about 160 000 objects, 120 000 of which are presented in the Egyptian Museum, cover the period of 5 000 year history of the country.

Ground floor of the Egyptian Museum presents collection of huge statues.

There are sections devoted to photography and huge library. Number of sections of Egyptian museum are arranged in a chronological order.

Visitors are invited to see the Tutankhamon’s treasures, the Old Kingdom monuments, Middle Kingdom and Modern monuments, ancient coins and papyrus as well as sarcophagi.

Each year about 1,5 mln tourists visit Egyptian museum and 0,5 mln of Egyptians are coming to learn more about the history of their country.

Museum is open every day, form 9am till 7pm, except for the period of Ramadan, when working hours are from 9am till 5pm.

The Egyptian Museum is located at Midan al-Tahnir, downtown of Cairo.

You can get to the Museum by metro (Sadat station) or by taxi or car.

Egypt Travel Photo Gallery:

Best season and weather conditions to travel to Egypt

Egypt is located in subtropical and tropical latitudes. Climate of Egypt is determined by the peculiarities of desserts.

Dry and hot climate without any significant seasonable changes are particular features of the country.

In summer during the day the temperature goes up +40C while in December through March falls up to +15C.

Rains may occasionally occur, but for a short period of time. 100mm a year is an average estimation of rains all over the country. In April – May during 50 days a dry hot wind starts to blow.

It brings huge clouds of tiny dust. It gets everywhere, covering the plants, buildings, streets of cities and villages.

Egypt Official National holidays

Jan 3               Prophet Mohamed’s birthday

Jan 7               Coptic Christmas Day

Jan 25             Revolution Day

Apr 12             Coptic Easter Sunday

Apr 13             Spring Festival

Apr 25             Sinai Liberation Day

May 1              Labor Day

Jul 18              End of Ramadan

Jul 19              End of Ramadan Day 2

Jul 20              End of Ramadan Day 3

Jul 23              Revolution Day July 23

Sep 24             Feast of the Sacrifice

Sep 25             Feast of the Sacrifice Day 2

Sep 26             Feast of the Sacrifice Day 3

Sep 27             Feast of the Sacrifice Day 4

Oct 6               Armed Forces Day

Oct 15             Muharram

Dec 24            Prophet Mohamed’s birthday

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