When selecting the best time to visit Egypt for holidays with family or friends it is important to know the peculiarities of local climate. Your trip will be rewarding only when all the travelers are happy. Travelling to Egypt is easy but better to know in advance what are the peculiarities of local climate.

What is the best time to visit Egypt for holidays?

In summer time temperate in Egypt reaches its maximum. The air is too hot and dry. In winter time it is windy and humidity goes up. When going deeper into the continent the temperature of the air is getting higher and the air becomes even drier. The differences between the temperatures in Egypt during the day are getting more obvious. Sometimes during the day the air in the desert reaches 60C and can drop to 0C in the night.


There are two seasons in Egypt: cold one – from November till the end of March and hot one  – from April till October. Below we have prepared a review on peculiarities of the weather in Egypt depending on the month for you to help planning Egypt holidays.

best time to visit Egypt


The period starting from beginning of December till 20th is considered to be the season in between, when the prices are still low and the hotels are filled only for 50%.  The sea is warm and the temperature of the air is about +28C. December is one of the best months to visit Egypt. Starting from December 20 things change and the hotels are almost fully booked due to Christmas and New Year holidays. This period is the most expensive one.



Then follows January – the coldest month of the year. But the sea is still warm and the temperature is about 22C. The air warms up till 25C-20C approximately and in the evens the t falls to 22C. There is no heat in January and this is best time to visit Egypt. The number of tourists is relatively low and you can swim in the sea and enjoy the sun. Starting from January 10 till January 20 follows the period of cheaper tours and you can use this opportunity to book cheap holidays in Egypt.

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Prices for vacation packages in February are a bit higher then in comparison to January but anyway affordable. But you should keep in mind that this is one of coldest periods in Egypt. In February the water in the sea is cold, and the evenings are chilly. You should take warm clothes with you if you are going for walk in the evening on one of the Red sea resorts.



In March hot wind from the deserts starts blowing brining clouds of sand.

They call it Khamsin. For Egypt holidays in March hotels raise prices every week. The temperature gets warmer. After the weeks of cold weather the water in the sea gets cold and is still not that warm in the first days of March for swimming.


Best time for Egypt vacations with family

Best time to visit Egypt with family is spring and autumn. April is the month when the air is getting warmer till 30-32 C and gets warmer with every day. This is a relatively popular period in Egypt and tourist agencies start actively raise prices.


May is a great time to travel to Egypt – the weather is warm and there is no exhausting heat yet. First days of May are the period of Arab holidays and most of the hotels are booked. Prices for hotel rooms are high, sometimes even much higher in comparison with the New Year period. The second half of May is a bit calmer and prices go down again.

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Is summer the best time for travelling to Egypt?


A lot of people take vacations in summer and consider travelling when the weather conditions are more favorable. In Egypt in June tourist demand falls down, this is connected with opening the season in Mediterranean resorts. The temperature in Egypt in June is hot, but prices after June go down.

July and August are not the most ideal months for travelling to Egypt. These are the hottest months of the year. They recommend to get sunburn till 11am. The average temperature in Egypt in June is 38 C.

The weather in September in Egypt is fantastic. It is still hot but you can easily bear this heat. The sea water is warm and what is most pleasant the prices for the tours drop.


October and November are considered to be the best time for traveling to Egypt – the temperature of water and air are perfect for nice relaxing holidays. Travel agencies of course use this factor and raise prices. Higher costs are also related to the fact that the holidays season in European resorts ends.


Beginning of November is the period of Egypt holidays and prices may be slightly higher. Till the end of the month the average cost for tours returns.


The peculiarity of Egyptian climate is the wind which is blowing almost all year round. You can feel pleasant breeze sitting at the seaside, but that doesn’t mean the sun shines less and you should remember to protect your skin.

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