What is the best beach in Hurghada? There are number of beautiful resorts in Egypt, all of them are divided into two main groups – coral beaches and sand beaches.

Hurghada island is one those places that you will be willing to return.

Endless Hurghada beaches with white sand, crystal clear water, pleasant breeze, and sun all year round. The underwater flora and fauna are awesome. That’s why thousands of people are coming to Egypt for diving.

Coral reefs are special attractions for those who would love to see them in natural environment.

Best beaches and resorts in Hurgada

In the North of Hurgada there is an artificially created beach called El Gouna. Even though it may sound strange, El Gouna is a place of canals and boats. The shore is of sand and stones.

The beach of El Gouna is located close to the airport of Hurghada. you can hire a taxi or ask hotel administrator to arrange airport pick for you when booking a room.

Another beach of Hurhgada is Soma Bay, located in the southern part. The area of Some Bay is mainly of luxury hotels like Sheraton and Kempinski. The highest level of services is offered on best beach in Hurghada. You can fly to Hurghada airport and take a taxi to get to the resort.

South of Giftun is known for the Mahmya beach. Best time to visit the resort depends on your preference in weather. During summer this is the heat and it gets colder during winter season. In general the weather is nice during all year round for visiting Egypt resorts. The VIP zone Mahmya is offering number of services for the clients – dinner at the seaside with sea view, or on the board of the yacht. Your evening will be accompanied with pleasant music.

Makadi Bay beach is in the South of Hurghada with plenty of hotels and people in the beach. In Makadi almost all hotels are luxury with “all inclusive” feature. If you are looking for a more peaceful rest consider hotels not in the first line. Getting to Makadi is easy, fly to Hurghada airport and take a taxi to the hotel you booked.

Safaga beach is a port city in the South of Hurghada. The distinctive feature of this place is that it is more tranquil. Tourists are coming to Safaga mainly for diving and to do kite surfing. Safaga beach can be alternative to the luxury beaches, since there are several guesthouses and budget hotels on its territory. To travel to Safaga you would need to fly the airport of Hurghada and hire a taxi.

Paradise islands in Hurghada

Take the opportunity to see most of places of Egypt and visit the Paradise Island, located not far from the shores of Hurghada. By yacht the whole trip will take about 50 minutes.

This is an amazing place, where turtles are peacefully resting under the sun.

Trip by yacht is the most convenient and you will be taken to coral reefs for diving and swimming in the sea.  Remember that it is strictly forbidden to take corals away from the country.

The island is a piece of land in the Red Sea, divided into three parts – VIP zone, with bars, restaurants, Paradise zone and open area.

The excursions to Paradise island of Hurghada are very popular. The first impression you may have is that the island is fully deserted. Paradise island is for those who love the sea and peaceful relaxing vacations.

Plan a trip to Egypt to find out more about this marvelous place.

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