1. Egypt is the biggest location of native Egyptians living on one spot.

2. More than 90 % of the citizens of Egypt are Muslims.

3. One of the top 10 interesting facts about Egypt is that the longest period of one Pharaon’s reign was 94 years. It was Piopi II, in 2246-2152 BC.

He became the king at the age of 6 years old.

4. Egypt is the country where 83% of educated men and 59,4% of educated women live.

10 interesting facts about Egypt
5. It is considered that Ramses II, who reigned the country for 60 years was the greatest Emperor.

During his life he had 90 children. He had 8 official wives and more than 100 slaves.

6. The great pyramid in Giza was built as burial place for the Heops Pharaon. According to the official data it took 20 years to construct the pyramid.

It was built of huge blocks, and the weight of each equals the weight of 3 big elephants. The height of pyramid is about 149 meters and it occupies the territory of about 5 standard football fields.

7. In ancient times Egyptians believed that mummification of body gives secure entrance to the Kingdom of the Dead.

During mummification the body was embalmed and buried. All the organs were preserved in special burial vases.

8. Egyptians had a very special attitude to animals and mummified animals as well.

most interesting facts about Egypt

9. Egyptians wore special make up for the eyes made of black substance mixed with oil.

They believed that it cures bad sight and saves the eyes from infections.

10. Egyptians were well known for having 3 different calendars – daily for the agricultural purposes, astronomic one and moon one.

The first calendar consisted of 3 seasons, – 4 months each. Interesting fact about Egypt is that Astronomic calendar was created as a result of observations on Sirius star, which was appearing in the sky on the eve of the floods season.

Priests also kept a special separate calendar for themselves and a moon calendar, based on which they conducted services to Honce God.

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