Egypt travel guides will help you choose best location in Egypt for vacations. Find out about the beaches, Egypt traditions, style of life, cultural heritage and more.

What is the best beach in Hurghada? There are number of beautiful resorts in Egypt, all of them are divided into two main groups – coral beaches and sand beaches. Hurghada island is one those places that you will be willing to return. Endless Hurghada beaches with white sand, crystal clear water, pleasant breeze, and sun […]

Most popular excursions from Sharm el-Sheikh are to Jordan and Israel. If you are visiting Egypt already being so close to Jerusalem and the entire saint artifacts should be a good reason to expand your travel. The road is no complicated and the tourists can go to Jerusalem by bus. One way trip is 550 […]

Egypt traditions and culture are a mixture of religions impacted by the flow of time over thousands of years. The whole way of living of people in Egypt depends on religion dogmas. If a person does not believe in God this is considered a sin and a crime. Three religions are officially acknowledged by Koran: […]

When selecting the best time to visit Egypt for holidays with family or friends it is important to know the peculiarities of local climate. Your trip will be rewarding only when all the travelers are happy. Travelling to Egypt is easy but better to know in advance what are the peculiarities of local climate. What is the best […]

1. Egypt is the biggest location of native Egyptians living on one spot. 2. More than 90 % of the citizens of Egypt are Muslims. 3. One of the top 10 interesting facts about Egypt is that the longest period of one Pharaon’s reign was 94 years. It was Piopi II, in 2246-2152 BC. He became the king […]

Travel to Egypt to discover one of the most mysterious places of the planet. Did you dream of visiting Pyramids, travel to Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, spend vacations at the Red Sea? Then this is the very moment to plan a trip to Egypt. The official name of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt. It covers the […]