Beautiful Croatian city Vodice counts only about 6000 citizens. But due to attractive geographical location and mild climate it attracts lot of visitors.

Everybody visiting Vodice will find here a place to stay along with nature or to fall into dynamic city life, or enjoy the entertainments of night life.

How to get to Vodice?

Vodice is located 70 km from the airport of Split, 15 km from Shibenik.

The Adriatic highway passes through the city which makes its buses connection very comfortable and easy to get to from almost any place of Croatia.

Vodice is an ancient city with amazing history and traditions.

The first records about settlements on its area belong to Iron epoch.

The first mentioning about Vodice is related to 1402 and it describes the process of collecting rain water into a natural reserve at the bottom of Roman mountain.

Like many cities Vocice suffered from several wars, being seized by Romans, Austrians, Turks and Italians.

The second language, which is widely used here almost same often as the official one, is Italian.

This is because Italians were in the region for longer period here.

The beaches of Vodice are of small pebbles and are  stretching over 12 km along the sea line.

Tourism is a well developed business in the region being almost the main source of income.

Consider Vodice while planning vacations, – it offers clean sea, perfect climate and amazing parks and well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Numerous villas, hotels and apartments are waiting for the tourists.

If you are visiting Vodice it is best to book in advance, few months before the seasons starts. Later the number of offers is less and prices start growing.

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A lot of cafes and restaurants will make your trip to Vodice even more pleasant. You will find international, local, Asia and European cuisine here. Some places are open for guests 24 hours a day – bars, restaurants, and dancing clubs.

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For those who are visiting Vodice and prefer sports, Vodice will prove to be worth spending vacations as well. There are stadiums, courts and sport goods renting points available in Vodice.

Visitors can also practice diving, surfing, play tennis, bicycling.

If this is your first experience in any of the sports and your need guidance, there are several schools where trainers will help to practice your preferred sports.

The name of the city means water and this is when the name reflects the origin of the city. Channels and rivers can be found almost everywhere in the city.

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Vodice is a very green city, plenty of mandarin and olive gardens help hide the city in the shadow when the temperature is too hot.

Every street here has the history of its own and you can see a lot of old amazing buildings while visiting Vodice.

You can start your tour in Vodice from St Cross church, which was built in 1473 according to the project of Yure Dalmatinec.

The two churches in the center and in the cemetery of Vodice are a realm of the city not far from Vodice you will find amazing Krk National Park of Croatia.

It includes several lakes and 7 water falls. Franzysk monastery was founded on one of the islands of this stunning park.

Every summer Vodice holds Music festival, jazz festival and seaside festival.

All of these are great entertainment events involving visitors to participate and make trip to Vodice an unforgettable travel experience.

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