Where to go in Croatia? – this is the first question you ask yourself when planning a trip. Croatia, a former Yugoslav Republic, is located in the Southern part of the Central Europe, in Balkan Peninsula. Amazing nature, warm Adriatic sea, breathtaking views of the seaside will absorb your imagination, and you will start planning another visit to Croatia before your vacations are over :).

Annually Croatia attracts millions of tourists. People are willing to enjoy the nature and beautiful clean waters of Adriatic sea. There are 3 main resorts in Croatia – South Dalmacia, Central Dalmacia and Istria.

Where to go in Croatia – visit the islands

If you are still hesitating where to go in Croatia, think of the islands. Croatia is famous for thousands of islands, with ideally clean beaches, and as a perfect place for yachting. This is why a lot of tourists book yachts much in advance to sail among the islands of Adriatic sea.

There is even no need to book hotel, – a boat becomes your home for vacation period, adding a bit of adventure to those who dared trying something new, or those whose style of life is a total adventure :).

On some of the Croatia islands people live throughout a year. If you prefer a more peaceful rest, this could be your choice. Choosing accommodation in the islands fits better for family rest with kids or couples, who prefer to stay far from the crowds.

Transfer from islands to big land is very well arranged. You will be able to enjoy tourist attractions of Croatia same way as tourists staying on the continent.

Visiting National Parks – best options for tourists going to Croatia on vacations

Croatia National Krka Park is definitely worth planning a trip to.  You can enjoy waterfalls of Krka Park and take river trips. One day trip to Krka Park will be the best option.

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Another paradise created by nature is Plitvice Lakes National Park. This is the most popular and beautiful place in Croatia. When going to Plitvice Lakes you will enjoy cascade of lakes with mineral rich waters and waterfalls. It could be a bit long trip from the coast, but it is surely worth your time.

Historical places of Croatia

Dubrovnik city is a must to see place in Croatia. One of the oldest cities with bright history and very pleasant special atmosphere. Just walk among the streets of old city, have tasty dinner in a restaurant, go shopping – all in old town of magnificent Dubrovnik.

Where to go in Croatia - Dubrovnik city

There is a magic place near Dubrovnik, definitely worth your attention –  Lokrum island. It is only 700 meters from the city.

Within 10-15  minutes from Dubrovnik port you will be taken to Lokrum island by ferry.

Cities to spend vacations in Croatia

Baska Voda, is among the most popular resorts of Croatia. Cozy beaches of Baska Voda are surrounded with pine trees and will protect you during hot sunny days. Stone beaches of Baska Voda are municipal with free access. From mid July to mid September the beaches might be a bit overcrowded, but this is anyway great place for vacations.

planning croatia trip

Baska Voda stretches near Biokovo mountain, another amazing National Park of Croatia. Biokovo National Park is in close drive from Baska Voda. You can plan half day trip to the mountains after getting sunburnt on the beach, to see the sunset at the Adriatic sea from a high point….

Enjoy best photo galleries of  Croatia and decide when and where to go on your next vacations :).

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