Lokrum island is one the most beautiful and magic places of Croatia. It is located near Dubrovnik city, covering the territory of about 2 hectors.

There is a story connected with building of monastery on the territory of Lokrum Island. At the beginning of XI century almost all of the buildings in the city of Dubrovnik were made of wood. Once there was a fire. to be more exact, on the day of St Benedict. The citizens of Dubrovnik fought with the fire as much as they could but a lot of buildings were destroyed.

Finally the fire was stopped and the citizens of Dubrovnik built St Maria Church to commemorate this victory. In 1023 they built a church on the island, which is 700 meters from the shore.

According to another legend connected with this Croatian island, in 1192 after the crush of the ship Richard the Lion’s Heart arrived to the island.

Later in while the island was ceased by French Army under the guidance of Napoleon.

French liked this place, except for monastery. They ordered to destroy the it. Military fortress on the highest point of the island was installed instead.

Benedictions, who lived in the monastery peacefully accepted the fact that they had to leave.

They spent their last days in Lokrum in the monastery. They say that before departure the monks put a spell on the island.

They walked along the seaside three times with turned down burning candles, praying and sending spells.

The wax was falling down on the ground, doomed for being abandoned place.

In 1789 the last Benediction left the territory of island.

In 1806 Fort Royal was built, which was well preserved till our days.

The next three owners of the island died in unnatural way – one jumped out of the window, the second one drawn and the third one was killed by his own servant.

Later rich captain Tomashevich came to Lokrum but got broken and had to sell the island and also left.

The next owner of Lokrum island was Maximilian Habsburg, from Austria.

He arranged summer residence and botanic garden with peacocks on the territory of the island. Even though he invested in the island, he did not live there. He was the governor in Mexico, but did not please to republicans and got shot.

Then it was the turn of Doctor in Law Yakopovich, who arrived to the island from Budapest. His fate was not happy one as well, as he was caught for swindle and thrown to the prison.

Boat with his only successor drawn on the way to Lokrum during storm.

Today the island belongs to the state of Croatia and there is no sign of any spell left by Benedictions.

How to get to Lokrum island

You can get to Lokrum from Dubrovik by ferry in 10-15 minutes. Ferries leave approximately every 30 minutes during tourist season from the port of Dubrovnik .

Lokrum island Croatia map

Map of Lokrum island at the entrance

What to see in Lokrum island

Franciscan Monastery built in the 15th century is well preserved and you can enter the territory to walk in the garden and feel the atmosphere of that period of time.

Lokrum island, Image of Monastery in Lokrum island

Image of Monastery in Lokrum island

Botanical garden with lots of exotic plants from South America and Australia is an interesting place to visit in Lokrum.

Amazing collection of exotic plants and trees was gathered thanks to Maximilian of Habsburg, brother of the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph I, while Lokrum island was in his ownership.

Exotic plants in Botanic garden of Lokrum island

Exotic plants in Botanic garden of Lokrum island

This Croatian island is for nature-lovers, offering beautiful sea views and tranquil rest.

When arriving to the territory of the island you will be met by local inhabitants – peacocks. They live here from the times of Maximilian, are not afraid of people and are very friendly.

Peacocks in Lokrum island

Peacocks living in Lokrum

Fort Royal Castle was built by French after the island was seized by the Army of Napoleon.

The Fort was erected in 1806 instead of the monastery, on the highest point of Lokrum.

The height of the Fort Royal is 91 m, opening a magnificent view over the island and the city of Dubrovnik.

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Dead lake (Mrtvo More) is in the southern part of the island and is linked with the sea.

The water in the Dead lake is salt, since the lake is connected with the sea.

This is favorite place of peacocks living on the island. The lake is rather small in size.

You can swim in the lake enjoying crystal clean water, surrounded with rocks and forest. The depth of the salt lake is about 10m.

Lokrum island Croatia travel photos

Photo of the Dead Lake in Lokrum island

In the South eastern part of the island there is Nudist beach. 

Also you will find a nice restaurant on the territory of former monastery.

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Being a nature reserve Lokrum is under strict supervision, thus it is not allowed to stay overnight in the island.

There are no hotels and no shops there. All the tourists should note that, the last ferry leaves about 5pm, but exact schedule is to be checked at the tourist information box.

 Lokrum island, Croatia, on the map:

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