Krka National Park in Croatia is one of the most popular sight seeings in the country. Krka National Park is located about 10km from Sibenik, in Dalmatia.

The Park was named after the Krka River. It covers the area of  142 square km. The National Krka Park includes two thirds of the river itself. Most interesting places are amazing waterfalls, including famous Skradinski Buk falls. Best way to see to explore the park is by boat.

Krka National Park Croatia

Skradinskyi Buk is the biggest barrier, which consists of more then 20 waterfalls. These waterfalls are connected into one and this is the place, where Krka river ends and mixes with the waters from the sea.

The banks of the river in Krka are of stone. But there is a nice place in the park which is suitable for swimming. During hot summer days you can see a lot of people swimming. Travel guides taking excursions to the park usually inform tourists in advance that they can take swimming suites with them for this trip.

Krka National Park in Croatia

Krka National Park Croatia

Also you can plan a trip to Visovac island. The story of this place tells that in 1445 Franciscan monks established a monastery on a tiny island of Visovac in the middle of Krka river.

Unfortunately it was destroyed in the 18th century. But later in 1576 the Church was rebuilt. Nowadays the church keeps collection of artifacts and beautiful library.

Waterfalls of Krka National Park

Waterfalls of Krka National Park

There is another place to strike your imagination – Plitvice Lakes. This is another Nature Reserve that is also a visiting card of Croatia.

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