Dubrovnik city – perfect place in Croatia to combine rest at the seaside and visit interesting places. This is the most popular tourist location in Dalmatia region at the Adriatic coast in Croatia.

Old city, architecture of Dubrovnik

Old city, architecture of Dubrovnik

Old town streets of Dubrovnik city – artful and dynamic

Most of the buildings in the old town of Dubrovnik city are of stone. Sometimes streets are quite narrow, but anyway very cozy and clean.

Plenty of cafes and restaurants in the area of old city of Dubrovnik re open for tourists and guests.

Old town is not now walking area but also a shopping district.

Women will enjoy jewelries made by Croatian masters and for sure will find something beautiful and original to buy.

Croatia is well known for the amazing jewelries’ production.

Shops in the center of old town of Dubrovnik will keep any tourist busy for few hours for sure.

Don’t forget to ask for discount, and depending on price of the item you can reduce the cost up to 20%.

A lot of shops offer to buy interesting souvenirs made in Croatia: statutes, paintings, etc.

Streets of Dubrovnik

Narrow streets of old town of Dubrovnik

When walking in the streets of Dubrovnik city you will enjoy wonderful music played by local musicians.


Sometimes you will see music performances in Dubrovnik city

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is great place for vacations at the seaside and travelling around to see Croatia. There is port in the city, nice for a stroll and taking water excursions from.

If you are already in Dubrovnik you should not miss the opportunity of going to Lokrum island.

Take a ferry leaving every half an hour (depends on season) from the port of Dubrovnik. The whole trip will take 10-15 minutes one way.

Port of Dubrovnik city, Croatia

City port of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Cathedral is one of the most visited place. 18th century Cathedral is worth planning a trip to enjoy an amazing sample of Baroque style.

Take a walk to the city walls, surrounding the city of Dubrovnik. The walls started to be built in the 9th century.

If you prefer to adventures – take a trip by Dubrovnik cable car road. For 120 kruna or about $23 you will see amazing views of Dubrovnik and surrounding area. This is going to be a short trip. On the top there is a little restaurant and a gift shop.

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View of Dubrovnik from the sea

View of Dubrovnik from the sea

Dubrovnik on the map:

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