Biokovo National Park is world known Nature Reserve in Croatia.

To schedule a visit to Biokovo Nature Reserve contact local tourist office, since no free unplanned visiting is allowed to the park.

Biokovo is chain of montains and you can enjoy marvellous nature. Book a trip to the mountains for half a day with travel agency – this is best way to see the most amazing spots of the Reserve.

Why it is worth going to Biokovo National Park?

One of the brightest moment people want to see when making a trip to Biokovo National Park is the sunset. This is an unforgetable stunning view, opening from the top of the mountains.

Most of the time during excursion you will stay in car. Keep in mind this is a bit long way from the bottom of the mountain to the highest point. Stops are allowed only in certain places of the reserve.

In some places the road is so narrow that two cars cannot go at the same time, and one has to concede the way the the other. Also the road is quite twisting, thus no fast driving is possible.

During the day, if the weather is good and sky is clear, you can see Italy from Biokovo mountain.

From the history of Biokovo Mountains

Biokovo is a part of the Dinaric Mountains. The material of the lower parts of Biokovo mountains towards the sea and on the opposite Zagorje side are of Eocene Flysch sediments. The higher parts are shaped into carbonate sedimentary rocks.

At the end of the Cretaceous era, about 65 million years ago, the African plate began colliding with the Eurasian plate.

The narrowing of the ocean caused strong tectonic disturbances, making the horizontal layers crinkle, break and emerge above the sea surface. That formed mountain ranges like the Alps and the Dinarides, which Biokovo belongs to. It caused the disappearance of  the ancient ocean Tethys.

Most visited spots in Biokovo Nature Reserve

Sv. Jure, 1 762 m nm

St.Jure or Sv. Jure visiting point is located on the very top of Biokovo.

It is from the junction of Vošac on the Biokovo road, 6 km away.

While driving you will enjoy marvelous landscapes but be careful since the road is quite narrow and twisting.

Alternatively St. Jura can be reached by hiking trail from Makar Riviera through Vošca and from Velikog Brda and Bašković, through Lokve from the coastal side or the hinterland sides from Milić and from the top Turija.

St. Jura serves also as a television tower spot, where building of telecommunication devices and the church of St. Jura are allocated.

What do you know about Krka National Park, Croatia

The Church of St Jure was built in 1968 to replace the previous church.

The first Church of St Jure was constructed approximately after Christianization, which  existed in the 12th century.

The church commemorates 1640 year. It was restored  several times until it finally collapsed in 1965.

This was when a TV tower and the building of telecommunication devices was erected.

Incredible landscapes and seascapes will make trip to St. Jure one of the most interesting ones in your life.

Vošac, 1 422 m nm

The top of Vošac can be reached by a walking trail in about 20 minutes from the parking lot in front of the mountain hut under Vošac,  or by the trail from Makar.

Staza, 897 m nm

To get to Staza you may use trekking trail, which is just about 5 minutes from the parking lot.

Most beautiful views of Makarska Riviera and islands will appear in front of your eyes.

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