Every year Baska Voda city becomes more popular with tourists who prefer to spend vacations in cozy places at the Adriatic coast.

Baska Voda is a small city with the population of about 3000 people, at the Dalmacia coast.

This place can be interesting for youth for the night clubs and bars at the seaside, and for tranquil family rest. Part of city, which is a bit remote from the popular youth place is not noisy and is perfect for peaceful family rest.

In the evenings all local restaurants are full during high season. Restaurants along the coast offer nice fresh seafood.

Depending on the budget and one’s preferences it is possible to find nice apartment for rent or to stay in hotels, which are 2 – 5 minutes walk from the sea.

If booking in advance you can find great apartment rent options at 30-40 EUR per night, 3 minutes walk from the beach.

Communicate with the owners of the apartment and they will be happy to arrange airport pick up for at 20-30 EUR.

The coast is of pebble, but generally nice and convenient even for kids. In July there is a possibility to meet marine hedgehogs near the shore.

How to get to Baska Voda city

Travelers who are going to Baska Voda and arriving to Split airport cab easily take a taxi at the airport. Distance between Split and the city of Baska Voda is 52 km. Driving will take about 1 hour.

You should pay attention that during summer season traffic in Dalmacia region gets harder and it takes more time to get from one point to another.

It is also possible to travel by bus to Baska Voda. Be aware that the bus stops only on the main road and you most probably would need to walk to the hotel or apartment you booked. This is may not be very convenient if you have a lot of luggage.

Also it is possible to rent a car in the airport upon arriving to the airport.

Closest places to visit from Baska Voda

Baska Voda is located near mountain Biokovo.

This is a famous Nature Reserve and you can plan a trip there.

No free or ad hoc visits are allowed to the territory of Biokovo Nature Reserve. The only way to get to the National Park is to buy excursions with the group in the tourist agency, or to make arrangements via the agency and come by car.

From Biokovo you will look at the Adriatic coast from the height of the bird’s flight.

If you chose to go there in the second half of the day, then you will see the unforgettable sunset.

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