Book flights online, learn how the price for the airline ticket is calculated. What are the classes of plane tickets, advantages of online reservation and tips for booking cheap flights; pets on the plane and flying by charter flight, luggage on the board issues in our review to guide you through the process of online flight booking.


What is flight ticket?


Flight ticket is the agreement between the air company and a passenger, which comes in force from the moment the ticket is issued.

Few years ago you could only have hard copy of the airline ticket to travel by plane.

Now passengers themselves and without assistance of travel agencies can search the flights, select the most convenient airline schedules, track routes and rates, book flights online and proceed with tickets’ purchase.

Which information is contained in the air ticket?

As soon as you purchase the flight ticket online you will be sent a copy to your email address added during the registration.

This is the documents that allows you to use the services of the air company and lists conditions of the flight.

The air ticket includes the name of the passenger, flight ticket number, dates of trip, route, departure and arrival points, ticket type, number of sits and conditions of luggage transportation.

You can print out this document and bring it with you to the airport.

The information in the ticket is in English and this is the only language used for flights’ services.

book flights online

How to search and book flights online

Air tickets search on web is easy and comfortable.

Now you can search for the flight online and book it right away.

Understanding the principles of engines search systems you will be able to find the cheapest fares and most convenient route.

Few steps to make air tickets search more effective:

Define the most convenient and closest airport.

If there is a possibility to use alternative airport you might consider choosing it as your departing point.

When searching for the ticket online you need to specify travel dates and points of departure and arrival.

Search system will show the updated availability of the tickets and fares.

The advantage of using online reservation system yourself is that you can narrow the search and specify exact criteria based on which you will see the results.

For example you would like to take a direct flight, and then you can select this parameter in search options to get results only with direct flights.

Or you have flexible travel dates and you can change arrival and departure dates.

The online air tickets search system will pick up results for the mentioned dates +-3 dates or whatever you select.

Check online flight booking system several times to see different flights and tickets’ prices.

Please note that prices may change each day and you will see different fares every day.

You can wait till the flight ticket price is acceptable for you.

Double check spelling of our name and surname and make sure it is the same as in your passport when you book flights online.

In some air companies it is obligatory to provide passport information of the passenger during online reservation.

You will be asked to enter passport number, dates it was issued, period the passport is valid and birth date of the passenger.

How is ticket issued when you book flights online?

There is nothing complicated in the process of issuing flight ticket.

When you book flights online you just need to properly spell your name and make sure the route, dates and time you have chosen are exactly what you need when filling in the form on the website.

Name should be spelled exactly as in your passport.

In some airline companies up to 3 spelling mistakes in the name are allowed, but better not to have any of course.

flights schedule online

How is the flight ticket price calculated?

The price of the flight ticket is based on airport taxes and flight cost, based on that the flight ticket fare is calculated.

Flight tickets at lowest cost are limited; this is why as soon as these are sold out the companies start raising the prices.

If you are bound with the amount and cannot find what you need, try to search for alternative flights, change the dates of travel or air company and you will get more different offers.

Keep in mind that if you are buying your travel ticket at the agency, they are eligible to apply additional costs for the services of issuing the ticket.

Main classes of air tickets

There are three main classes in the planes: business, economy and first class.

Economy class flight tickets

Economy – is the cheapest price of the ticket.

The price for the economy class flight ticket is low if you are buying the ticket a while ahead of the trip, and travelling for a short period of time.

Please note that strict reservation rules will be applied in most cases for this type of tickets.

Passengers travelling by economy class will be offered wine and snacks, but again this will depend on the airline.

Selection of drinks and food will be a bit limited if compared with business class and first class options.

Passengers of economy class in most cases are allowed to take up to 23 kg of luggage.

Travelling by business class on plane

Business class air tickets are more expensive.

Tariffs for business class air tickets are flexible and you can change the date or return the ticket without any additional fee in most cases.

For business class travelers the level of services provided on the board is higher.

The passengers who purchased business class flight tickets will be offered different menus and wines.

Business class passengers will have more comfortable sits, with more space in-between.

Another advantage for business class passengers is the possibility of taking up to 30 kg of luggage on the plane for free.

Business class travelers will be offered magazines, newspapers and duty free catalogs.

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Book tickets online in first class

First class air tickets assume the most expensive level of services.

This includes VIP hall and some other benefits depending on air company.

First class flight tickets will give you more options during the trip, like variety of menu and wider choice of alcoholic drinks offered on the board.

Beside that in the airports passengers traveling by first class will go to a separate registration desk, with fewer people in a queue.

Sometimes the air carrier will give presents to the passengers of the first class.

These passengers will be served first, will get free transportation of 40 kg of luggage and some of the air carriers may offer a limo for transportation and cover the costs of a night in the hotel.

Why to buy plane ticket online?

When you book flights online there is no need to waste time going to a particular agency, searching the location and managing your schedule to visit travel office at open hours.

You can be a travel agent for yourself and do everything from home or from your office.

All you need is computer and internet access.

The e-ticket will be sent to your email address within few minutes after it is confirmed with airlines.

Tips to buy cheaper flight tickets

Did you know that passengers travelling by same plane and to the same destination, even in the same class pay different fares for the flight tickets?

Here are some tips to help you find best deals:

  1. The cheaper the flight ticket is the more restrictions are applied;
  1. Two way flight tickets will be cheaper then one way ticket;
  1. Direct flights may turn to be more expensive in comparison to the flights with transfer;
  1. Book flights online and do not change day or time. Any change in the ticket will lead to additional charges;
  1. The non-refundable tickets are the cheapest ones;
  1. Remember about Sunday Rule – plan your trip to stay for the night from Saturday to Sunday and you will save on the flight;
  1. Cheap flight tickets are available only for certain period of time, which is up to 72 hours in most cases. Some of the air companies request immediate payment for cheap air tickets and you would have to make online payment right away, otherwise the ticket will not be confirmed;

If you book flights online, keep in mind that the earlier the flight ticket is purchased the cheaper it costs.

If traveler knows the dates of the journey and has the possibility to buy the air ticket as early as possible, savings can be up to 50% of the price!

At the same time there are other factors that impact the price of your flight ticket.

We have listed most important hints for you to keep in mind when ordering flights:

Buying air ticket with low-cost companies

What is the difference between the low-cost companies and regular flight companies?

The policy of the low-cost companies is based on the principle of cutting the regular services.

When booking flight with low cost companies remember that:

  1. The passengers are not offered free drinks and food on the board;
  1. Low cost companies establish limitations on weight of the luggage to be taken on plane;
  1. Travelers do not get the seat number assigned when buying cheaper air tickets and can chose any free seat when in the plane;
  1. In some countries low cost companies use the secondary airports;
  1. Purchased flight ticket cannot be returned or reimbursed. Also it is impossible to make any change in it. This is why pay attention to all the notes and conditions of ticket purchase, especially if this is a non refundable one;
  1. In most cases low cost flight tickets are for the direct routes of no more the 3 hours;
  1. Low cost companies sell flight tickets on their own or partners’ websites. This approach allows air line companies to save on selling tickets and offer cheaper flight deals. If you are following the news of the air companies and are subscribed for the updates you can buy the airtickets for 30 EUR within Europe and even cheaper when a discount or sale is announced.

For those who prefer to travel cheap this is the best alternative to save.

Should you travel by charter flights?

One more option to save on trip is to buy flight tickets for charter flight, where they have free seats for sale.

In this case however there are some disadvantages. It is impossible to purchase the air line ticket in advance, the flight schedule is not always the most convenient one and flight carrier can change it last minute.

Charter flights are organized only in the most popular tourists’ directions.

The tickets for the charter flights are much cheaper but they are not available for sale in all travel agencies.

How and where to book charter flights?

It is possible however to buy charter air line tickets via travel company, which is organizing the charter flight.

Some travel companies offer tours and charter flights together. They sell them in a package and prices are considerably lower if to buy two way ticket of a regular flight company.

Recommendations to find best deals

Periodically flight companies announce promo deals.

Subscribe for the news to be regularly informed of latest flight deals.

If subscribed for the news you will get an email with promo code valid for certain period time.

You can enter the code to get discount when buying ticket online.

booking air tickets online

Travel expert’s advise for buying best flight tickets online

It is believed that the best days for buying tickets are Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

These are the days when the air line companies offer tickets at lower prices.

Cheapest tickets appear for sale on Tuesdays after 3pm and on Wednesday’s right after the midnight.

The price of the flight ticket is also impacted by the season.

For example during cold seasons flight ticket to warm resorts will cost less.

Air line tickets to Europe on the eve of Christmas are usually sold at much higher prices.

Time of departure and arrival

Fridays and Sundays are the most crowded days of the week in the airports.

On Fridays a lot of people leave for the weekends and on Sundays plenty of travelers return back.

The flight companies raise the prices for this period of week and you will have less changes to find cheapest flight deal.

Online registration for the flight

You can get registered for the flight from home or in the airport.

First option is much more convenient of course but not all the air companies allow check in online still.

That depends on the flight, air company requirements and arrangements with the airport in a certain country.

When getting registered for the flight you would need to know your flight ID tracking number, assigned to you when the ticket was confirmed.

The other information you would need to provide is the flight number.

When going through the registration in the airport you also must provide your passport.

If you did not print out the air ticket the representatives of the air lines will do that for you.

About additional services on plane

A child is travelling without being accompanied by an adult, or some passenger prefers or needs to travel with pets, the luggage you are taking is bigger then the regular allowed size.

All of these services are additional and provided by the air companies for extra fee.

These additional services must be ordered in advance and cannot be obtained only upon arrival to the airport without preliminary order.

take luggage for flights

What you need to know about taking luggage on plane

In most cases airlines allow their passengers to take registered luggage and hand luggage on board.

If during air ticket reservation you notice that the price is significantly lower then you’d better pay attention to the rules and conditions of airlines applied for this particular flight.

It is possible that the flight ticket price is significantly lower because luggage is not included.

In this case you will have to pay additional fee in case you planned to travel with a registered luggage.

Types of registered luggage for travelling by plane

There are two types of the registered luggage: based on weight and number of seats.

According to the weight policy a passenger is allowed to take for the flight: 20 kg in economy class, 30 kg in business class and 40 kg in premium.

The other flight carriage policy allows a passenger to take one bag of no more then 23 kilos. The total measures of the bag must not exceed 158 cm.

This scheme of luggage on the board is applied for the flights to and from USA, Canada, Central and Southern America, Africa.

If your luggage exceeds the limits listed above, it will be treated as extra.

Passengers of business class are allowed to take hand luggage in the amount of 1 travel bag, with the dimensions 55x40x20 cm and up to 10 kg.

Passengers who purchased economy class air tickets can take 1 piece of hand luggage. Dimensions of a bag must be 55x40x20 cm, and weight must not exceed 7 kg.

If you are a transit passenger with single ticket, then you should register your luggage till the final destination point.

This will save your time and you will not have to bother of obtaining visa in transit country to pick and register your luggage one more time.

In most cases luggage is not included into the price of flight ticket of low cost companies. But if you plan to take luggage on the plane, better to purchase this service same time you book flight tickets online.

Again this is much more convenient and much cheaper then to purchase a place for additional luggage in the airport before the flight.

Usually this option is less expensive if purchased 24 hours before the departure.

What to do if luggage is lost

If your luggage did not arrive to the destination point, first thing you need to do is to apply to the Lost and Found department of the airport.

You will be asked to fill in application re loss of luggage, provide address, where it should be delivered.

The air companies will deliver your luggage during 21 days, or will repay you reimbursement.

Rules for taking pets on airplane

To take a pet on the plane, you must bring valid medical certificate, passport with vaccination stamps and all other documents required by the country you are departing and arriving to.

Travel with pets by plane

travel with pets by plane

If you decided to take a pet on a trip with you, you should be aware that:

Only cats and dogs up to 5 kg with container can be taken on the board of the plane with you.

When you book flights online, make sure to specify dimensions of the carriage and its weight.

If your pet is more then 5 kilos and up to 32 kg, it will be taken to the luggage section of the plane.

The carriage for the pet must be big enough, the length must be twice the length of the pet.

There must be free circulation of the air and waterproof bottom.

Pets the weight of which is more then 32 kg together with the carriage must be taken on the board according to luggage rules.

Price for the pets traveling by plane will be calculated as extra luggage.


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